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Every part of your business needs some type of content. And you need to develop content consistently to reap the benefits.


Don't waste time staring at a blank screen. Use a template and plug in your ideas to quickly create fresh original content.

This content creation trick speeds up your writing by providing structure. Using a content template is sort of like filling in the blanks on a form. You'll be writing and done in no time.


Get these 5 Quick & Easy Content Creation Templates in a 21 page workbook. You'll also get tips for using the templates to repurpose your previous articles.

Work Better, Not Harder: Both blog and newsletter are full of ideas and tips for busy small business owners. You can easily opt out at any time. If you're already a subscriber, you can still get the workbook by entering your email address above.


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1 - The Laws

2 - What You Need To Know About

3 - Facts You Didn't Know

4 - Must-Have

5 - Wrong Way, Right Way